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Health Care Industry is being transformed due to Advancements in Technology

July 9, 2016

With the advancement in technology the health care jobs are also increasing as different machines are needed to be operated with different techniques. The new technology based health care methods are more efficient and fast curing. Following are the few of those apprehensions and prospects for these speedily developing technological improvements.

Wearable Trackable Gadgets With the progression in technology people are wearing track able devices through which they can monitor their patterns of sleep, calories intake, and physical activities etc. These gadgets are making it possible for the patients and health care agencies to monitor their status of disease or illness with better measures. These track able devices can be further improved for more efficient results. Patient Focused Care One of the main goals of the technological advancements in the health care industry is to mend the gratification of the patients and their engagement in their recovery process from their illness.

Live-in-Care, Health Care Jobs, Health Care Personnel

For this purpose the health care agencies have put forth the approach of patient focused care. But the problem is that the technological advancements are quite new and the health care agencies are just looking in to means of engaging patients to these advancements. For instance, most of the agencies have not even interacted with their consumers about the advancements.


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The agencies need to provide all sort of information regarding the technological advancements on the internet medium such as social media as information regarding other stuff is available such as cars, electrical devices, and homes etc.

Improved Data Demands It is a matter of fact that mostly physicians make decisions for curing patients based on the data available regarding their disease and make a plan for curing their illness. But there have been lack of information making it difficult to decide for the best path to cure illness of a specific patient.

For this the physicians intended to make assumptions regarding state of illness or rely on the data which might not be correct or up to date making it difficult for them to cure patients within short span of time. This problem has been solved by a technological advancement known as EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse).


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The EDW is an amazing platform enabling consumers of all backgrounds either non-technical or technical and physicians to analyze real time data with the help of analytics applications. With this tool access to high quality reliable and accurate data is easy making it possible for the physicians to treat and cure patients efficiently and plan a better diagnosis for them based on their illness condition.

Live-in-Care, Health Care Jobs, Health Care Personnel

Security of Data of Patients It is among the major priorities of the health care agencies to secure data of patients and keep their data private secure from all breaches. With the advancement in technology certain tools and software have been designed making it possible to secure the data of patients.

The privacy of patients is usually referred to as their right for determining when, how and to the point to which their health data is shared. Sharing health information of patients with irrelevant people without their consent is considered to be an offence. The health information includes the lab test results, radiological images, clinical information, allergies, and medication that are being document manually or through software in computers. With the technological advancements patients can now have a sigh of relief as their health information is secured from intruders or irrelevant people with whom they do not want to disclose their illness status.

Technological Advancements are Doorstep to New Jobs As the technology is progressing, new software and gadgets are being created making a doorway for creating new jobs. More and more electrical, electronics, biomedical and software engineers are being recruited for creating new software and gadgets that are proving to be very useful in the health care industry. Some of the gadgets are directly involved in the cure of the illness while some of the gadgets are involved in the cause of the illness.

For instance the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines are used for detecting the main problem causing a certain disease. While the gadgets such as Cochlear Implants (device for restoring hearing sensation) and pace maker (device for maintaining heart beat) are involved in curing illness directly. Hence, it can be concluded that the technological advancements have been making it easier for physicians to diagnose disease and illness of patients efficiently as well as the health information of the patient’s remains in safe hands and is not disclosed publically anyway.


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