Live in Care

December 14, 2016

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Live in Care

Live in Care – when a person becomes aged, disabled or in need of dedicated care, most people will opt for retirement or residential homes. These living arrangements, however, have a few limitations. For instance, the patient must conform to an unfamiliar environment, away from friends and loved ones.

As a result, his or her loved ones would incessantly worry about the patient’s wellbeing. Furthermore, for loved ones to see their parents or a family member in a residential home, they have to visit or make prior arrangements with the care homeowners. Such difficulties are forcing more and more people to look for a more convenient and family friendly solutions, such as the Home Care and Live-in-Care setups.


What is the Live-in Care?

It is a full-time care service arrangement where the Home Care Providers moves in into the patient’s home to provide personal care, nursing, palliative, housekeeping and even companionship services to the client. These live in Carers are competent, trustworthy, and experienced professional from reputable firms.

When you contract a Live-in Care Agency, they will arrange and design a person centered care that suits you or your loved one’s lifestyle, diets, meal preference, hobbies, naps, prescription as well as other personal care routines. These services are ideal for the Elderlies, hospital discharge patients, aged couples, young ones with special medical conditions, or any Individual who requires basic to complex palliative or nursing in a free familiar home environment.

Most people prefer Live in Care arrangement to residential living or nursing homes for various reasons. Firstly, it enables a person to enjoy the right kind of attention from the confines of his or her home. Secondly, the familiar setting makes the individual more independent, relaxed and happy. Consequently, the patient can live a relatively an undisrupted life, pursue hobbies, and even enjoy the company of friends, family, and pets.


Benefits of Live-In Care

  1. One-on-One Support

One of the advantages of the live-in care service is that you or your loved one is guaranteed one-on-one support. Since the carer and the client both live under one roof, and there is no other person in need of such personal care, a stronger working relationship blossoms. Consequently, the Carer will understand your needs much better and be able to dedicate his or her time, expertise and effort to provide quality service.2A Familiar environment


   2. There is something therapeutic about recovering in a homely environment.

The live-in care takes place in your home, which means that you spend time with your loved ones, doing the things you enjoy. Besides, you do not have to struggle to fit in or get used to an unfamiliar environment. You, therefore, end up being more relaxed, comfortable and more receptive to the nursing or palliative treatment.


3. On standby support

Seniors and people in need of special care can require emergency attention at any time. For instance, they can slip and fall or abruptly fall ill. It can be quite disheartening if the Carer attending to tens of other Residents in a Residential Home is not available, perhaps because he or she is attending to other matters. With the Live-in care setup, the Carer is always ready to attend to the client. If the carer needs to go on leave or to attend to personal matters, there is always another reliable carer ready to fill in.


4. Cost efficiency

The average cost of a live-in care plan is more affordable in comparison to that of residential care. It is cheaper because you do not incur extra costs besides the service provider’s fees. The other expenses are what you would ordinarily have spent living in your home.


5. Flexible setting

Live in care plans are such that the entire arrangement revolves around the client’s personal needs, lifestyle, tastes and preferences. The Carer tailors his or her activities to suit the customer. If the patient makes any request, the Carer adjusts accordingly. As a result, the client will always enjoy satisfying services throughout the relationship.


Other reasons why Live-in Care plan, is better than Residential Care

While residential care has its benefits, it has several limitations, which make the live-in care arrangements the superior alternative. For starters, the patient will have to move to a new, unfamiliar environment, which might present fitting-in challenges such as feeling lonesome and homesick.

Secondly, in most residential care homes, the Carer attends to more than one patient. As a result, the carer’s attention is always divided amongst the clients, making it practically impossible to give one-on-one care.

Moreover, most nursing homes have strict rules, which the residents and their guests must follow. Such rules define the visiting hours, restrictions on pets, nap times, movements as well as the diet preferences. Instead of the service provider adjusting to the client’s unique needs, the customer is forced to adapt to the establishment rules, which at times might be impractical.


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